The Chesapeake Bay is the world's largest estuary. Because of the Bay the Eastern Shore peninsula enjoys a moderate yet four season climate. Masses of warm air from the Bay keep the Shore temperate while pushing Atlantic storms to the far sides of the Barrier Islands on the east. As a result the Bayside beaches and coastline are well protected. The rich, sandy loam has allowed the shore to be one of most versatile and prolific agricultural areas in the United States while the safe waters of the Chesapeake Bay allow for spectacular fishing and/or day excursions. With numerous varieties of wildlife on both sides of the Eastern Shore, the Shore provides endless opportunities for sportsmen and environmentalists alike. Easy day trips to Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown and Fredericksburg are made possible by the proximity to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel which connects the shore to the mainland. Finally, because of its remote geographical location the Eastern Shore has remained a step or two back in time, and as such has created a community of people whose independence and self-reliance is still strongly characteristic of the Shore today.