Due to the unique site and location as well as the fact that the house is enjoyed by many, it’s critical that your attention and adherence be uncompromised.

1. The ecosystem of the beach is unique, sensitive, and delicate. In fact the entire area is protected by the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act. Feel free to roam and explore however treat the land with the utmost respect and care. E.g. it is illegal to pick the sea oats which grow naturally throughout area as they hold the dunes.

2. The house is SMOKE FREE. If necessary feel free to use the Great Outdoors however it is important that you dispose of any and all debris carefully and properly. Littering is of course unacceptable.

3. The Beach is fantastic. However it is a beach and the grittiness of the sand is hard on a house. Please remove all shoes/sandals/clogs/footwear and leave either on the porch or deck areas. Brush the sand off your feet prior to entering. An outdoor shower has been provided just before returning to the yard.

4. You will note that the kitchen sinks do not have disposals as the House utilizes a septic system. Scraps and other disposables should be placed in the trash. Large trash containers are located outside the “little house” and trash removal will be provided during the week.

5. Wildlife. Deer, fox, and other animals are inhabitants of the land yearlong and a peaceful yet delicate coexistent is at play. Obviously hunting of any sort is strictly forbidden on the property. Also please do not feed them or leave food around. When putting trash outside please make sure to close the lids securely.

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